Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fig and Prosciutto Tartine

This isn't really much of a recipe, I suppose, although it's more than I usually do with figs since they're so good that it's difficult for me to justify doing anything to them that might possibly interfere with their refreshingly sweet juiciness.

However, figs are in season now, and I just can't help myself buying far far too many. Since ripe figs don't last very long, I realized that if I continued to only eat one or two per day, I would quickly end up with a lot of rotten figs on my hands, and nobody wants that, so I had to find some way to actually feature them in a meal.

This tartine (which is just an open-faced sandwich) is a nice twist on the typical melon and prosciutto combination you always see, and by putting it all on a slice of bread, you get a pretty satisfying lunch! I highly recommend it, especially in this season. Plus, you can use any leftover prosciutto to accompany all the delicious melons that are also in season right now (try wrapping some around slices of watermelon for a very refreshing snack/appetizer).

You will need:
Good hardy bread
6 or 7 ripe figs
One or two slices of high-quality prosciutto

Since this dish is so simple, you really have to have high-quality ingredients. If the figs aren't ripe, this will be a disaster. Similary, if the bread and prosciutto are not of a good quality, you might as well just eat the figs by themselves! I used imported prosciutto di parma which, while ridiculously expensive, was worth it. If it's good stuff, it only takes a little bit, and I was able to make one thin slice go a long way here!

I used both purple and green figs (not sure of the actual names, but I think the purple ones are called Mission Figs and the green ones are Calmyrna or something like that*). Tasting one after the other, you can definitely tell the difference - the green ones had a fresher, citrusy taste, while the purple ones were sweeter and richer in taste. I think I prefer the purple ones on the whole, but it was nice to have both.

Anyways, to make the tartine: slice the bread into a couple thickish slices. Lay the prosciutto on the bread, just one slice thick. Cut the figs into halves and place on the tartine. Enjoy!

*Correction: I asked the vendor today about the varieties and they told me the purple ones were 'Brown Turkey' and the green ones were 'Kadota'. Either way, they're delicious!

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